Hong Kong Travel - Pt I

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Hello from Hong Kong! It's been a while since I've posted here and I've missed it. Life is always full of surprises - my sister is moving to HK for work(!) so I decided to take a couple weeks off to travel there with her and do some exploring. 

The view from our hotel. We are currently staying in Kowloon, and will be moving over to the Hong Kong island side next week. Transportation in HK is very convenient, we've been using Google Maps to navigate the MTR (subway) and despite our lack of fluency in Cantonese, we haven't gotten lost yet

Feeling very spoiled with the breakfast buffets at the Sheraton every morning. I love watching the boats go by while indulging in eggs, sausages, hash browns, smoked salmon, fresh fruit, the list goes on.. Can you tell that I enjoy food? 

When in Hong Kong, you have to get dim sum. Our first not-so-traditional dim sum stop was at Yum Cha (translated as Drink Tea). This restaurant serves traditional dim sum dishes with a modern twist.

Caramel dragon well tea and fish fillet. This was basically a dish of deep fried and caramelized dragon tea leaves with white fish slices. Quite unusual but absolutely delicious.

How cute are those little piggy buns?!

Exploring the Soho area in HK.

To get to Soho, we took the Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system. Fun fact: this is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world!

Despite being in HK, I couldn't resist stopping at an American cafe for an almond milk latte 😋. There is a large expat population in HK, and a lot of people in the downtown area speak fluent English. (I have to say - the almond milk latte was on point and the avocado toast looked quite irresistable #basic)

I'll be in HK for the rest of the week, and I made some last minute plans for the following week that I'm super excited about. Hope you enjoy following along! 

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