Hong Kong Travel - Part III

Saturday, October 07, 2017

I have been to Hong Kong a couple times before - once as a kid and another time on a crazy short 3-day trip. This trip has been pretty cool because I've been able to explore a lot more neighborhoods while my sister apartment hunted. 

One of the neighborhoods that we explored was Sheung Wan. This area is walking distance to downtown while being far enough to have a more neighborhood-y feel. Since there are lots of expats in this area, most people speak fluent English and there are many cool shops and restaurants to explore. 

After touring one of the apartments in the vicinity, we decided to check out PMQ - which is basically a hub for local artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Photos above are of the cool rooftop garden in the middle.

Lots of cool locally produced artwork.

A lot of the studios were owned by fashion or accessory designers, providing us plenty of window shopping opportunities ;)

Hong Kong island is pretty walkable and we came across some cool street art on our treks. One of the walls seemed to be some sort of "blogger wall." See all the girls with their selfie sticks?

On one of the days, we decided to venture out to Kennedy Town, which is located on the farther west side of the island. It's considered "farther," but it's really only three more train stops away from Sheung Wan.

Kennedy Town is a little farther but it makes up for the distance with its waterfront views and more peaceful surroundings. You could tell that there is more real estate space in the area just by the number of people who were walking their adorable puppies (more room, more dogs, I guess!).

We're staying on the Kowloon side (opposite of HK island) for one last night, and my sister convinced me to take the ferry back instead of being lazy and just taking the train. I'm glad we did it - it only costs USD 0.90 each way and you get this spectacular view of the HK city skyline.

Hong Kong, you're pretty cool.

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