Hong Kong Travel - Part II

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Travel journal-ing is hard.. the days are all already starting to blur together so I'll try my best to recollect what we did!

We were lucky enough to be in HK the week of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year, the largest lantern carnival/display is hosted at Victoria Park in the Causeway Bay area. I am usually not a big fan of squeezing with large crowds in hot weather, but I haven't had the chance to properly participate in Mid-Autumn festivities in many years so we had to make an exception :)

This was definitely the most elaborate lantern display I've ever seen. It was a lot of fun and made me feel a little nostalgic.

There were all sorts of lanterns in addition to the traditional ones. If you look closely at the photo above, the animal astronauts have badges that say "NANA" rather than "NASA" lol..

Some HK University students kindly offered to take a photo of us as we were clearly struggling in our attempts to take a selfie.

The night's festivities culminate in a Fire Dragon Dance. Unfortunately.. we just couldn't last. The show supposedly starts at 11pm and the crowds were saving their spots to watch the show as early as 8pm! As you can see above, there were plenty of police officers around to control the crowds and direct traffic. My sister and I waited for about an hour but the heat (in the 90's!) got the best of us.

For dinner, we ventured over to Little Bao in the Sheung Wan district. You guys, this might be my favorite meal in HK! 'Bao' is the mandarin word for bun. If there's bread, I'm on board. 

The restaurant was a small, hole-in-the-wall type place (which I like). I don't think it could seat more than 15 people. I loved watching the chefs and smelling all the delicious smells while eating.

The pork belly bao.

The Szechuan fried chicken bao. Ah-ma-zing.

And I saved the best for last - truffle fries. The photo doesn't do it justice at all. The fries are topped with shiitake tempeh, truffle mayo, pickled daikon which you toss together before eating. These were the best fries I've ever had in my life (so far) and if you know me, you know how much I love my fries. 

I shall end the post on this yummy note. 

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