let's get lost in a corn maze

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Saturday! Hope you got to sleep in a little (or a lot like I did), or maybe you're getting ready to go outside for a little weekend adventure like I did with my family a couple weeks ago. It was finally cool outside, but still beautiful and sunshiny, so we decided to drive out for some midwestern-er fall festivities and a harvest corn maze. 

Overheard in a corn maze:
Should we go left or right? - jojo
Left, definitely left - me
No, you can hear the sound of cars on the right so we should go right - mom
We want to go the opposite direction of the cars - me
Where's dad? - jojo
I'm pretty sure we're going in circles - me
We're lost - jojo
Boo! - dad
*Hysterical scream* - mom
oh there's the exit! - me
sigh of relief. :P

Peek... a boo!

We spent some time wandering through the nursery and garden center next to the corn maze. So many beautiful plants and succulents. I was tempted to bring some home, but then I quickly realized that keeping plants alive isn't exactly one of my strong suits. I'll stick to admiring them from afar.

Minnesota corn - those colors! 

Pumpkins galore! Loved the Cinderella pumpkins <3

I cannot wait for pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin butter! If you're wondering what to do this weekend, go check out a corn maze! Or a pumpkin patch, or an apple orchard. I'm going to try to catch some beautiful fall colors this weekend.

Side note: Yes, I'm still on track with my 21-day sugar detox, but my cravings for sweets have been pretty bad the past couple days. Only 6 more days to go. 

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