birthday doughnuts

Monday, October 19, 2015

Last Sunday morning, I took my sister out for a little doughnut date. It was her birthday a week ago, and I owed her doughnuts. This is post 21-day sugar detox of course (follow-up post coming soon), which explains the "I owed her" part. You could have the best baker sister (me, duh) in the world and still not want a delicious, beautiful, made-from-scratch cake for your birthday ;). But it was her birthday, and if she wanted doughnuts, who was I to say no. If anything, it gave me an excuse to go to Bogart's

Couldn't forget that cup of java to go with our doughnuts. Nothing like some caffeine to put a smile on your face :P

Doughnuts -- some classic raised glazed, brown-butter glazed, sprinkled cake, lavender cake, and Nutella filled (!!!). Bogart's does yeasted doughnuts right. Fluffy and dough-y (not in a bad way), and for deep fried rings of dough, they taste deceptively un-greasy. My absolute favorite was the Nutella filled, runner-up goes to the brown-butter glazed!

We sat outside to enjoy the sunshine and cool fall air. This adorable little puppy kept us company.

The girls sitting on the bench next to us were snapping away on their camera so we got them to take a sista photo for us. Look at us with our matchy army-green jackets..

Happy birthday, Corynn!!! You drive me crazy and I know I do the same to you, but I still <3 you, I guess.

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