a weekend in austin

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's been too long! I've been in five cities this past couple weeks (minneapolis > houston > chicago > minneapolis > houston > NYC > austin > houston > minneapolis!) and finally had the chance to take a breather. My sister's summer internship in Austin is coming to a close so I squeezed in a trip last week to hang out before she leaves. 

If I could describe Austin in one word it would be... colorful! There were so many interesting murals everywhere. My sister and I scoured the historical district so that I could get my photo in front of the 6th street mural :P.

Another word you could use to describe Austin would be HOT, but that's just stating the obvious. It was at least 100 degrees out everyday, but we went outside anyway. Isn't my sister cute?

Despite the heat, Austin is really quite beautiful. Big rolling hills and greenery everywhere.. The photo above is of us overlooking the 360 Bridge and Lake Austin. There is a hidden trail on the side of the freeway that you can hike up, and when you reach the top, you get this amazing view of the lake and bridge.

In the evening, we watched the sunset by Lake Travis, which was pretty cool. This place called the Oasis has amazing views, but it gets pretty crowded. Instead of eating at the restaurant, I would suggest going to the rooftop bar for drinks and apps (which is what we ended up doing). 

And of course, knowing me, the weekend was filled with some food escapades as well. Here we are at Easy Tiger - a bakery / beer garden. Think giant pretzels studded with sea salt and dipped in beer cheese. They even have table tennis set up out back!

To all my fellow ice-cream / frozen treat lovers - if you're ever in Austin, go to this place. Gemelli is a gelateria / coffee shop / cocktail bar, the perfect combination if you ask me. I got the mango sorbetto and it was amazzzinggggg. I didn't know sorbet could taste that good. My sister got the Vietnamese coffee gelato which was good too, but I think the sorbetto was a gem.

Thanks for a fun weekend Austin!

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