the time my baby sister moved to austin...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

... but only for the summer mind you! She got an awesome internship there, but I know it could very well turn into a full-time gig when she graduates. It all happened really quickly - she got the offer letter and moved all within one week! Since I was in Houston for work that week, I was able to drive down to help her find a place and move, and spend some seester time with her before she started work.

Both of us had never been to Austin before but we have heard a ton of great things about the city. The weekend was pretty much packed with figuring out logistics and getting settled, but I'm excited to go down there more often to explore! We had to stop by the local trader joe's, of course, to stock up on the essentials aka teriyaki chicken. They had an awesome Austin sign in the store so I had to snap a pic. Just fulfilling my tourist-y responsibilities ya know.

Touring apartments all day makes you tired and very hungry, so we stopped at hopdoddy burger bar for a bite. Several people recommended this place, even a random guest at our hotel! And it definitely did not disappoint! Downside was that the line was pretty long. It was torturous watching and smelling everybody else's orders pass by before getting our own...

I got the primetime burger (texas akaushi beef, brie cheese, truffle aioli, arugula, caramelized onions, steak sauce) and we shared some truffle fries. My sister got the goodnight burger. All so good. 

Then my parents + brother decided pretty last minute to drive down too, just to see that my sister got all settled in. I treated them to some bbq after their super long drive.

My sister when she first got her apartment keys. Ahh I'm so proud and excited for you Corynn! I know you'll have an amazing time in Austin this summer. Keep working hard and have faith! Don't worry, I'll still be drop by from time to time to annoy you :)

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