link love // 003

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Some interesting links I came across this week to distract you for the last few hours of the weekend:

Want to read more? I might be using this as a starting point for ideas.

Do you eat all your meals within a 12-hour window? Still trying to figure this out, my long work hours make this tricky..

How amazing does a burnt orange caramel sauce sound? Drizzled on top of vanilla ice cream. As long as I eat it within a 12-hour meal window ;)

Fashion and technology are converging. Comfortable high heels by Elon Musk in the works? Sign me up!

Sounds like it's pretty easy to fall in love with anyone. I think it has to do with talking about things that matter. Though it's equally easy to fall out of love too! The second article - lol.

Want to try making this and this. They sound easy but look so delish!

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