i'm feeling 22 - part I

Monday, February 17, 2014

I was pretty excited when one of my favorite stores - Anthropologie invited me to a birthday event for February babies. This was held before my actual birthday, so you can say it was my pre-birthday party. 

If anybody knows how to throw a birthday party, I knew it would be Anthro. Their creative decor and thoughtful details never fail to impress and inspire me. And I was definitely not disappointed. From the cute birthday pins, to the beautiful photo booth, yummy drinks (those pretty lemon slices and polka dot straws make all the difference :P), and dessert bar filled with cupcakes, taffy, grapefruit gummies... I brought my sister with me, we were like kids in a candy store!

Checking out all the bling.. Really loving Anthro's jewelry, especially these stud earrings. Hint hint ;)

My lack of photo booth experience is probably showing, and I obviously do not know how to play the guitar. What am I doing?!

It was a good night of eating treats, taking photos, and hanging out with my sister. Definitely a successful pre-birthday!

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